Simple can be harder than complex: you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.

Hello Internet! I’m thinking and writing about ability and how to help people make the most of life living with disabilities. I am developing my own Blog on disablity issues recognising the increasing need for everyone to move forward to a stage in social evolution which becomes 'post-disability': in the David Bolt sense.

I believe that Disability is, put simply, that naturally a person is unable to do something; and more crucially: a person can be prevented from fulfilling their ability because of society's collective inaction to remove barriers preventing disabled persons' leading an equally valuable life.

Nothing is normal, but people wrongly believe everything could be normal if people were provided for equally. Images of normality are modern propaganda which historically have opressed women, ethnic minorities, disabled people and gay people from exercising equal human importance or rights. When ability is nurtured, peoples' lives are transformed through knowledge and common development, learning and social improvement.

Certain aspects of the social model of disability needs to emancipate people from the current policy stalemate cemented around thinking from the past: one model or no model. Social reforms are necessary on a radical scale to improve the life chances for disabled people delivered by improved personal independence, celebration of disability culture, improved employment opportunity and better refining the nature of employment, and new models for delivering integrated personal healthcare and personalised social care.

I am interested in critical reporting on disability issues, reform and contributing to the debate which improves the life chances of disabled people. Thinking about ability first focuses on the person and personal journey to achieve their goals. Everything else should support equal opportunities to make the most of our individual ability. We all benefit from collective social action for change.

Thank you for the detailed feedback we have been receiving recently regarding who we are, what we are about, our goals and who we work.

We are small group of disabled writers, researchers and activists on disability issues. We are working to build useful products for disabled persons to use, carry out personal research, provide our information in easy accessible format to guide disabled people and to give objective criticism of Goverment policy. We have no connection with Goverment, opposition or DWP or ATOS nor do we support any of their approaches to dealing with disabled people or welfare reform.

We are looking at ways to advance ability positively and constructively. We are also looking for ideas and contributions.

Welcome to thinkability.

We can be contacted at thinkability@live.co.uk

Warning: Abusive emails with the intention of causing alarm, distress or threatening or a hostile environment may be reported to the police as a hate crime.

— Dr Charles Michael Schmulian